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Truck-bedz, Unique Camping Air Beds

Truck-bedz are camping air beds made to fit in the back of a pickup, SUV, or minivan.

A great concept...just blow it up, stick it in the back of your vehicle, and you don't have bother with a tent.

It is a great concept for a single person or a couple, especially if you are only going to be setting up and camping for a night or two.

Tough, Rugged, and A Perfect Fit

truck-bed air mattress

Designed for the rough and rugged outdoor environment, Truck-bedz are made out of extra heavy-duty materials that are extremely puncture resistant. The creators are outdoor enthusiasts who were tired of having to replace air mattresses, and wanted to make a product that would stand up to rugged use and outdoor abuse.

This truck bed air mattress comes in three different shapes and many different lengths, each designed to perfectly fit many different models of trucks, vans, and SUVs, so there is one that will fit your particular vehicle. They are specially molded to fit around the wheel wells of your truck.

Two Different Types To Choose From

Truck-bedz come in two different types for different types of uses. The Expedition Series, shown under the truck to the left, is the original model of camping air mattress. It is made from an extra heavy-duty 420d nylon backpack fabric which is bonded with a super strong polyurethane coating and then RF welded into shape. It is extremely sturdy and rugged.

A little more costly than other camping air beds, it is puncture resistant and abrasion resistant and will last much longer than other portable air bed mattresses.

The Weekender series is their more economical model. It is made from a heavy-duty PVC material and is a lower price than the Expedition series. While not as puncture resistant, it is still a very durable air mattress, much stronger than the camping air beds usually bought at "regular" camping equipment stores, and shares many of the design features found in the original Truck-bedz model.

Some of the features both beds share include an 8-inch thick mattress, which provides cushy sleeping comfort. Both also come with a high-flow 12V air pump with a long 19-foot cord, that plugs into your car for easy inflation of your air mattress.

Fast Inflation With Minimal Air Loss

For inflation and deflation, both air bed models have two dual-stage, heavy-duty boat valves. There are two methods to choose from for inflation. The first one, the easier method, takes about 3-5 minutes for full inflation and uses the outer one-way valve cap to prevent air leakage when you remove the nozzle.

The second method is faster and has the bed filled in less than one minute, but you have to be fast when pulling out the nozzle and will experience a little air loss, although you can still replace the round valve cap and then open up the square cap with the one way valve to top off any air that has leaked out.

A Few Other Features

The Expedition comes with a wedge-shaped carrying bag which stores easily behind the seat of your truck. The Weekender does not come with the bag although it is available as an extra accessory if you want it for storage.

The Truck-bedz Expedition series is backed by a two-year factory warranty while the Weekender series has a one-year warranty.

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