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Large Family Tents For Camping Families

Large family tents are perfect camping tents for families who like to be together in one tent. These large family camping tents are a very smart choice for families with small children who need lots of room, families with babies who bring lots of baby camping gear along, or even single moms who are beginner campers looking to share a tent with other moms (this is what I did when I was just starting out!).

Which Of The Coleman Large Family Tents To Choose?

When looking at the large family tents, your first choice is going to be whether to choose a family dome tent, or one of the cabin tents. Both are large and roomy, comfortable and convenient. As a matter of fact, the Coleman Family Dome tent is one of the most popular large family tents made by Coleman, and a great choice in tents.

However, you might prefer one of the Coleman cabin tents instead and they are worth looking into before you make your decision. Below are some of the features of a cabin tent, as well as some of the Coleman cabin tent models.

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Cabin Tent versus Family Dome Tent, A Personal Preference

Which style of tent you choose is completely up to your personal preference. Many people love the features of a dome tent. They are more resistant to wind and easy to put up. On the other hand, cabin tents have a little larger footprint and a lot of room. The walls of cabin tents go straight up instead of curving in so you have good headroom across the tent, from wall to wall.

Coleman tents are good quality, long-lasting tents. They are not cheap tents, nor are they high-end tents, but they are priced very moderately and give you a good product for the amount you are spending. With good care, most Coleman tent purchasers are happy campers and get many years of camping out of their tents.

Remember To Choose Your Tent Size Correctly

2 person camping tents

Don't forget when choosing a tent to cut in half the amount of people the tent "says" it sleeps. When tent manufacturer says the camping tent sleeps 6 people, you can comfortably count on it being a 3 person tent, or possibly a 4 person tent....especially if you plan on storing gear in the tent as well.

Your Choices in Coleman Cabin Tents

There are several Coleman cabin tents available to choose from. Most of these large family tents are very similar, primarily one of two models, each with a few variations in size and details to help tailor them more to your needs.

Coleman Weathermaster 2-Room Tent with Screen Room:

Coleman cabin tents

An older model in the Weathermaster tent line, this tent is not being sold by Coleman anymore, although it is still widely available online. It is still one of the great large family tents, and because it is being phased out, it can be found at bargain-basement prices. The newer models are very similar with just a few updated features.

This tent has a footprint of 17 x 9 feet and sleeps six to eight people. It can be used as one large room or it can be separated into two rooms, with an additional screen room attached as well. The screen room does not have a floor, although the rooms meant for "living" do.

The center height is 76 inches, or a comfortable 6 feet 4 inches high, roomy enough for most people to stand upright. The smaller room is 4 feet 8 inches high, good for gear or little people! This tent also has two doors.

Other standard Coleman tent features in these large family tents include: the Weathertec system to keep you dry; shock-corded poles to help you set up the tent quickly and easily; the directions for set-up are sewn into the tent storage bag so you don't lose them; and a built-in door mat.

Coleman Max Weathermaster Six to Eight-Person Three-Room Cabin Tent

Coleman cabin tents

Another older model in the Weathermaster family of large family tents, this tent is also not being sold by Coleman anymore, although you can still purchase it online very inexpensively. It is still a great with everything else over time, Coleman has just updated some of the features in its newer models.

This tent has a footprint of 17 x 9 feet and sleeps six to eight people. It can be one large room or it can be separated into three rooms, two shorter rooms on either end and a large center area with a head space of 6 feet 4 inches. You can use two rooms for sleeping and one for gear....or use the end rooms for sleeping and the center room for a "family room."

Other standard Coleman tent features on this tent include: the Weathertec system to keep you dry; shock-corded poles to help you set up the tent quickly and easily; the directions for set-up are sewn into the tent storage bag so you don't lose them; and a built-in door mat. This tent also has the "CoolAir port," fondly called the doggie door by many people, but meant as an extra ventilation port.

American Heritage Weathermaster:

coleman cabin tents

This spacious cabin tent sleeps 6-7 people in one large room, or use the hanging fabric divider to separate it into two rooms for gear storage, a baby room, or extra privacy.

The footprint on this tent is 12 feet by 9 feet, and with a center height of 88 inches or 7 feet 4 inches, even Shaquille O'Neal could stand up in this tent with a little head room to spare!

A fitted fly helps protect the tent against the elements, and the tent has two large doors, one on each size for easy entering and exiting, with Coleman's new hinged door system. This tent has a lot of mesh ventilation, on the roof, sides, and the door which help keep the air flowing through when camping in warmer weather. During cooler temps these windows can be zipped over to limit the airflow.

The American Heritage Weathermaster also comes equipped with the standard Coleman features, including the Coleman CoolAir port for extra ventilation, the Coleman Weathertec system which guarantees you and your gear stay dry, and the set-up instructions are conveniently sewn into the bag so you can't lose them. The shock-corded poles are sturdy steel and don't forget the built-in door mat at the front door to help prevent tracking in dirt!

Want to look at some of Coleman's newer models of large family tents? Check out the fantastic new features Weathermaster Elite line...tent camping at its finest!

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