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Air Bed Mattress Frames

Air bed mattress frames are one of the newer comfort “gadgets” to be used in tent camping, and they really make a difference for many people. The air bed mattress frames take a regular camping air bed, placing them on a specially designed air mattress frame above the ground, at a height that most people find easy to get on and off. You can buy an inflatable air mattress with a bed frame as a set, or if you already own a camping air bed, you can buy just the air mattress stand alone to fit your air bed.

Like the air beds, the air mattress frames come in twin, full, and queen sizes to support whatever camping air bed mattress you might already own…or want to own. If you do already own an air mattress and are looking for an air mattress frame, it is important to make sure your air mattress is compatible with the frame that you buy….some frames will not fit the high, raised air beds. Check the measurements before you buy.

While sturdy and able to hold several hundred pounds, most fold down to a manageable packing size, a little larger than a folding camping chair, and most come with a convenient duffel bag for storage, perfect for camping. Another benefit to the frame in your tent is that your gear is easily stored underneath, just like when using a cot.

The Coleman Inflatable Air Mattress With Bed Frame


The Coleman company makes an inflatable air mattress with bed frame, two different types that come with both the air mattress and the frame. These two models that are designed with camping in mind, the Trailhead Spacesaver and the Overnighter, while coming in different lengths to accommodate different heights, only come in a twin-size version. Both have a removable, washable cover and an aluminum frame. In addition, the air mattress is detachable from the cot and both the cot and the air mattress can be used separately if desired.

The Inflatable Air Mattress Bed Frame...Alone

LCM is a company that makes a strong, steel-frame air mattress stand which comes without the inflatable air mattress. The twin size frame holds up to 450 pounds, the full size frame holds up to 500 pounds, and the queen size frame will hold up to 600 pounds. (Note this is static weight…no jumping on the bed!) The bed has a zipped air mattress enclosure where you slip in your own camping air mattress so it won’t move around.

This air mattress stand fits the different sizes of the Aerobed air mattress (including the Aero air bed mattress lines made for camping) or the Coleman air mattress. However this is where you need to double check on the height of the camping air bed mattress that you have as the raised air mattress is too thick to fit in the zippered enclosure…your air bed mattress needs to be less than nine inches in height to fit.

This air mattress stand is easy for one person to take down and put up by themselves and also comes with its own storage bag.

Cabela's Combination Air Mattress With Frame or Air Mattress Bed Frame Alone

Cabela’s Outfitters also makes an air mattress bed frame combination that does not separate. The air bed is attached right to the air mattress frame. They are folded up together when deflated and you inflate the air mattress right on the bed frame. The bed frame is made of heavy-duty steel. This inflatable air mattress bed comes in queen size, comes with the pump, and comes with its travel case which is conveniently on wheels. The pump also fits in the case.

If you already have your inflatable air bed and just want the air mattress bed frame alone, Cabela’s does have the folding frame in twin or queen size with the travel case (the queen size case has wheels) but for only $20 less than the cost of the air mattress bed frame combination which also comes with the pump, it makes much more sense to go with the combination. Also, in order to use the pump you will need access to electricity at your campsite via outlet, inverter, or even an outlet at the laundry room.

Aero Bed Air Mattress, The Perfect Fit For Air Bed Mattress Frames

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