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The Camping Checklist - Your List of Camping Gear So You Don't Forget Anything!

A camping checklist is a map of sorts, a map to a good vacation. With the right camping tips and advice to help guide you, anyone can enjoy a camping vacation. From basic tent camping to the almost-like-home comforts of RV camping and everything in between, camping offers different levels that make it the perfect vacation for anyone.

The camping checklist is an easy way to make sure you end up remembering to take everything you need or want to use during your campout. may not always have access to a convenience store or drug store right on the corner!!

It is the easy answer to the question I get, over and over from new campers, "Help! I am going camping....What Do I Need To Bring????"

Really it is a very simple process, made even simpler if you have a camping checklist as a guide. If you have never been camping before don't panic, just relax, bring what keeps you comfortable. Within reason of course!

Camping Is For Enjoyment, Not Suffering

Essentially you want to pack to meet your basic needs: Mainly, food, shelter, and of course, comfort!

There are all different levels of camping. Some people camp in an RV where they have all of the comforts of home, some like to test their endurance in nature and camp with only the most minimal of equipment, and many others fall somewhere in between these two camping extremes, preferring to stay in tents or cabins (that's me!!), roughing it a little but not to the extreme.

Your camping checklist will vary depending on what kind of camping you will be doing.

The common thread that runs through all of these different methods of camping is that you have to enjoy it.

Me? I enjoy camping where there are hot showers available as well as clean toilets. On a few special campouts (for example an overnight canoe trip down the Peace River) I have done without, but for the most part, I do love my comforts.

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One Camping Checklist Does Not Fit All Campers

A camping checklist is, of course, a great tool to make sure you bring all essential items with you. It helps you to remember everything you need and makes sure you don't forget the essentials. It is a good idea to print out a checklist and refer to it every time you are packing for a camping trip.

Everybody's checklist is going to be different. I have provided some basic checklists for you, but it would be best for you to tailor it to your needs, modifying it after every campout so you end up with what works best for you.

Most of our family's camping is what is known as "car camping," meaning usually our car is right on our site and we don't have to haul anything very far. This is the easiest form of tent camping. Keep in mind how far you will be hauling your gear when packing for your trip.

To make it easy for you, I have divided up the camping supply list into easy categories. I have put together for you a very comprehensive camping packing list. You will not need to bring or buy everything on each camping list! In fact, unless you are pulling a trailer, you probably don't have room for everything on each camping list!

Within each category, choose which items suit you, your campout, and your family and modify each list according to your needs. I have starred those items on each list that I recommend you bring.

Camping Check Lists

By clicking on each category above, you will get a camping supply list for that category. On that page I will also go into a little more detail about the items you need for that particular category, as well as let you know what we like to use.

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