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The Aero Camping Air Mattress, A Brief History

The Aero camping air mattress is a great choice when you are choosing your camping air bed. Back in 1992, the Aero products company started life with the air-bed inflatable mattress for home use…perfect as a quick extra bed for guests. This inflatable air mattress bed had several unique features which made it stand out from other inflatable beds. First was the convenience of the built-in pump.

The second thing to make this bed stand out was that the built-in pump fully inflated the bed in less than 60 seconds…and its quick release valve deflated the bed in 15 seconds making it quick and easy to both set up and take down. If you have ever dealt with a hand pump or had to blow up a mattress (exhausting!)....or if you have had to lie on your air mattress to get all the air out in order to fold it up, you can really appreciate this feature.

The AeroBed raised air bed was introduced in 2001, which gave the AeroBed the height of a regular bed, still with the convenience of the built-in pump.

aero air bed mattress

Campers See The Value Of The Aero Air Bed Mattress Too!

While they didn’t start their product with campers in mind, camping families began to take notice of this great portable air bed mattress that they didn’t have to work hard to inflate…and started taking it out of the home and into the tent!

And AeroBed responded to us campers by creating several lines of tougher and more durable beds that were great for outdoor as well as indoor use…and rechargeable pumps, or pumps that run off the car battery that would be perfect for the tent camper.

The AeroBed Active camping air beds includes the Aero Sport air mattress…the Aero All-Terrain beds. There is also a line for the extreme outdoor enthusiast which includes tough and rugged camping air beds and the self—inflating air mat, which is lightweight and easy to carry.

In addition, AeroBed makes a great purchase because you are getting a quality, long-lasting product from a company that stands behind its products and strives for excellence.

Want To Be Even More Comfortable? Try A Raised Air Bed Mattress Frame
For Your Inflatable Camping Air Bed

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