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The Coleman Family Dome Tent
A Great Choice in Large Family Tents

large family tents

The Coleman Family Dome tent is one of the most popular large family tents on the market today. Today's camping families seem to be leaning towards the large family camping tents that fit the entire family under one roof.

And whether you are a small family looking for a large space...or a large family looking to have plenty of space in one tent when going family gent camping, this while still staying together, this family dome tent is a great choice.

The Coleman Family Dome tent is a three-room tent which Coleman claims to sleep up to eight people. The tent consists of three sections which you can choose to separate with a removable fabric divider you hang.

The center section is the largest of the three, with a center height of 6 feet. Each of the two outer "rooms" have a height of 55 inches (4 feet 7 inches).

Coleman Family Dome Tent Features

Just like the other quality Coleman tents, the Coleman Family Dome tent includes most of the same features that make Coleman tents such a trusted name.

  • Mesh screens block insects from entering while providing good ventilation.
  • Included rainfly protects the doors and windows from wet weather.
  • Shock-corded poles allow for an easy and quick setup.
  • Add more ventilation in the tent or leave some of your gear just outside and access it from inside with the Cool-Air™ port. This is a small "door" built into the bottom of one of the tent walls.
  • The tent has two doors for easy entering and exiting, or added ventilation.
  • The tent comes with a heavy-duty welcome mat and customized Insta-Clip hooks which snap right to the tent poles. Another feature for quick setup.
  • The instructions are conveniently sewn right onto the tent you can always find them when you need them.
  • The tent, tent poles, and stakes each have their own storage bag.
  • There is storage space available inside the tent, with a gear loft above, and two inside pockets sewn into the tent to keep the small things, such as your flashlight, book, keys, etc.

Large Family Camping Tents - Plenty of Room for Most Camping Families

large family tents
This spacious tent has a footprint of 14 feet x 14 feet, divided over three sections that are connected. Again, you can choose to have the whole thing as one large tent, or hang up the dividers for a little added privacy and share with your kids, friends, or other family members. The two smaller sections are perfect for gear storage as well.

Staying Dry in Wet Weather

This Coleman tent is made using the Coleman Weathertec system. Tested for wind (within reason of course) and rain, Coleman specifically GUARANTEES this tent will keep you dry. The Weathertec features include:
  • The floor is tub-style and waterproof.
  • The tent walls are made of a fabric that is weather-resistant.
  • The seams are sewn inverted into the tent, so water will not leak in through them.
  • The door zippers are covered with a zipper guard, a cuff which covers the zipper, further protecting it from the elements.
  • The frame is designed to stand up through moderate winds.
Overall, if you are looking for large family tents, the Coleman Family Dome tent is a great tent for its price (less than $200) and with proper care, one you will get a lot of usage out of for years to come.

Want to know more? Read an overview on the
Coleman Tent line, with all of its shapes and sizes.

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