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The Coleman Dome Tent
Large or Small, it is a Favorite of Many Campers

Note: This page talks about the large-sized Coleman Dome Tent. Click to see a smaller version of the Coleman Sundome Tent

The Coleman dome tent is a long time favorite of many new campers. In particular, the Coleman Sundome tent is one that many people first research when buying a new tent, especially for the first time.

These larger, roomier tents are great large family tents, easily sleeping a family of two adults and two children. Or, a couple who likes a lot of my husband and myself who like to camp in complete comfort.

The Coleman Sundome tent is a very good quality tent for an extremely reasonable price and is a safe choice you will be happy with when choosing a tent.

The Same Great Features of All the Coleman Sundome Tents

As you have come to expect, the larger Sundome tents have the same great basic features that Coleman build into all of the tents in the line of Coleman dome tents, including

  • Increased ventilation with mesh vents.
  • Rain protection with a rainfly which covers the door and the windows.
  • Shock-corded strong poles for easy setup
  • The Coleman Cool-Air™ port, a small opening built into the bottom of the tent that you can open to get extra ventilation, or access some of your gear just outside the tent.
  • All tents have a heavy-duty welcome mat, privacy windows, pole sleeves, pin and ring, and insta clip hooks.
  • The tent instructions are sewn right into the tent carry more lost setup instruction, or a torn, wet manual you cannot read anymore.
  • The tent, poles, and stakes have their own storage bags.

Coleman's Weathertec System

Coleman's Weathertec system is a result of extra features built into every Coleman tent, GUARANTEED by Coleman to keep you dry. The Weathertec system is a part of every Coleman Dome Tent and includes:
  • A tub-style floor, strong and made of waterproof material to keep you dry.
  • Seams inverted to the inside of the tent, to keep rain from leaking inside through the seams.
  • A zipper guard, in the form of cuffs over the zippers. Another layer of water protection.
  • A frame design meant to stay up in rainstorm winds.

Making Sure You Have Enough Room In Your Tent

2 person camping tents

As I have mentioned previously, the sleeping capacity that a tent manufacturer recommends is not going to afford all of you in there much comfort...other than a place to lie down and sleep if that is all you are looking for.

Ideally, when choosing a tent you should multiply by two the amount of people you want to sleep, and then use that number to choose your tent. If you want to sleep 3 people, then a 5-6 person tent is going to be far more comfortable for you, especially if you each have a bunch of gear. Have a 5 or 6 person family that you want to fit in one tent? Again, multiply by 2 and choose from the larger family tents that sleep 10-12 people

Also keep in mind that if you are camping with a baby and want to put a portable crib in the tent, the large family camping tents are extra roomy and will give everyone a good night's sleep, even if it is just mom, dad, and baby.

Sundome 10' x 10' Tent

coleman dome tent

A spacious 1 room tent, the 10 foot by 10 foot tent will easily handle a 3 or 4 person family, up to 5 people if you are a close-knit family! This Coleman dome tent has a center headroom of 6 feet which means most people can easily stand up in this tent (one of my favorite features in a tent, other than staying dry of course!)

camping dome tent
The footprint for this tent looks like this, showing four people side by side with the fifth person width-wise. Again, this is not the most ideal setup for five people so adjust accordingly.

  • As with all of the other Coleman dome tents, this tent includes the basic comfort features, including Weathertec system, rainfly, shock-corded poles, the Coleman Cool-Air™ port, and more (see above).
  • The interior on this tent is still one room, measuring 10 x 10 feet.
  • This tent sleeps four to five people (according to Coleman).
  • The center height is a spacious 72 inches (6 feet or 182.9 cm), although the edges will be a little shorter since it has a dome shape (this is where we stick the smaller kids!)

Sundome 12' x 10' Tent


The 12' x 10' Coleman dome tent is a favorite of the large family camping tents and are now getting into tent luxury. This model sleeps up to 6 people (Coleman recommendations) and boasts a privacy screen to separate the tent into two rooms. Leave the privacy screen down for a large 1-room tent.

Two large doors, one on each side gives each room its own entrance and exit, or opens up for some great ventilation. At 72 inches of headroom, this tent is the same height as the Sundome 10' x 10', but has a larger floor space and thus a larger interior.

camping coleman tent

The footprint for this tent looks like this, with the dashed line representing where the privacy screen divides the tent.

  • This tent includes the basic Sundome tent features, including Weathertec system, rainfly, strong shock-corded poles, a ventilation Cool-Air™ port, and more (see above).
  • You can choose one room, or hang the divider to make it a 2-room tent.
  • This tent sleeps up to 6 people (according to Coleman).
  • The center height is 72 inches (6 feet or 182.9 cm), and like the others, because of its dome shape it will be shorter around the walls.
  • At the time of this writing, this tent is a blue and white tent, not an orange and gray tent.

Sundome 12' x 10' Lighted Tent

large family tents

The LIGHTED 12' x 10' Coleman Sundome tent has the same features as the regular tent of the same size, but it has a fluorescent light built into the tent with two settings, high and low, and a remote control unit to control this light.

Pair this with the 72 inch center height, two doors, and roomy footprint and you will really enjoy camping in comfort.

camping coleman tent

The footprint for this tent is the same as the unlit version of this tent, with a two-room divider and sleeping up to 6.

  • As with all of the other Coleman Sundome tents, with this tent you will enjoy the Weathertec system, rainfly, shock-corded poles, Cool-Air™ port, interior pockets, and a welcome mat.
  • You can choose to make this one large room, or hang the fabric divider to separate into two rooms.
  • This tent will sleep up to 6 people (according to Coleman).
  • The center head room is 72 inches (6 feet or 182.9 cm), and like the others, because of its dome shape it will be shorter around the walls.

Other Sizes of Coleman Sundome Tents

Need more room? The Coleman Family Dome tent has three rooms and sleeps up to eight!!!!

Have a smaller family or want to take it lighter? Check out the smaller Coleman Dome tent, the 1 person to 3 person Coleman Sundome Tents

Not interested in a dome tent? Read about other types of
popular Coleman Tent models

Sleep comfortably in your tent on a
Camping Air Bed Mattress Frame

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