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Who I Am...A Little Camping History

I am no wild adventure explorer…just a mom who loves camping…now! I have not always been a camper, and am not particularly athletic, well, actually I am not athletic at all....but I have always had a love for nature and the outdoors. I grew up in and still live in a large city, to a family of noncampers.

Getting Started

My first experience tent camping was when I was in my 30s, with two son was five and my daughter was six months old. I was a single mom at the time, and a girlfriend who loved camping dragged my kids and me along on a trip. Other than the purchase of a camping air mattress, all the camping equipment and supplies I packed were either borrowed or came from home.

I can't say I loved everything about my first time....I definitely felt a bit scared and vulnerable sleeping in the outdoors, separated from the rest of the world by only four thin fabric sheets and a zipper. But there was enough about camping that I enjoyed that I started camping again and again, and I began to feel safe in the family campgrounds I would use. And as mom to a Junior Girl Scout, a Webelos 1 Cub Scout, and a soon-to-be Eagle Scout, camping still is a frequent occurrence in my life.


(This is my husband, son, and me before a mountain man campout)

The Rest Of My Support Team

Over the years I have remarried, to a man who also loves camping, an Eagle Scout himself, and I have acquired a great knowledge of tent camping tips which I love to share. I have learned how to pick and pack the best camping supplies, to make an easy-to-take camping kitchen, and to choose the best and most comfortable sleeping gear.

And while I know that not everybody will love camping in a tent, I believe anybody can be a camper in some form, and most of these camping tips can be carried through to those who love cabin camping, pop up camping, or even RV camping…and am excited to have the opportunity to share camping with you!

So now our camping team consists of Jewel (me), Michael (my husband), and three of our six kids..ages 17, 11, and 11.…we are a blended family with three kids left at home who also love to camp and know it as a way of life. And we are excited to share this way of life with you!

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Contact me!

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