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The Coleman Tent, A Trusted Name in Camping Equipment

The Coleman tent is one of the first names that comes to mind when most new campers start to think about purchasing a camping tent. The company has been around for almost one hundred years, starting when W.C. Coleman invented the lantern, and has been a top manufacturer and trusted name for camping equipment since the 1960s. It is a great place to start when choosing camping tents!

Most camping "purists" will knock Coleman tents as being of inferior quality, a cheap tent. But while not a "top of the line" tent, they are nowhere near the worst quality tents either...and are actually a great midrange tent for the new or occasional camper.

Your tent is most likely going to be your largest outlay when you start camping, and a Colemant tent is a great value, easy on the budget and gives you a solid, durable product that will last you through many years of camping trips.

The Coleman tent line now comes with many convenience features, including having the tent setup instructions sewn directly to the tent bag so they can never get lost. In addition...if have an older model of tent that does not have the instructions sewn to the bag, you can get those instructions directly at the Coleman website.

Coleman Weathertec System

The Coleman tent line is now made with the Coleman Weathertec system, to make sure the tents stand up to the elements and keep you comfortable and dry. Some of the Weathertec features include:

  • Inverted seams, so the seams are not outside of the tent, exposed to the elements.
  • Weather-resistant fabric.
  • Zipper cuffs, further protecting the zipper from the elements and from leaks.

Coleman tents come in many shapes and sizes, for both families and individuals. Looking through the line of Coleman tents there should be one that fits your needs.

Coleman Dome Tents

coleman family dome tent

A dome tent is a free-standing tent. Some tents need to be staked down in order to stand up, but a dome tent only needs staking down in windy weather so it will not blow away. The Coleman Sundome tent is the dome tent they make which comes in several sizes, including the 1 or 2 person camping tent...or a little larger model of Coleman dome tent which sleep up to 6. It is one of Coleman's most popular line of tents due to its varied sizes and easy setup.

Coleman Family Dome Tent

coleman family dome tent
The Coleman Family Dome Tent is Coleman's answer to a family-sized tent in the category of dome tents. It is actually a modified-dome tent and sleeps up to eight, in one, two, or three rooms depending on how many room dividers you choose to put up.

Coleman Cabin Tents

coleman cabin tent

Cabin tents are large, tall, free-standing tents. They are a heavier tent due to the poles and framework that helps it maintain its structure and stay standing.

Cabin tents depend on their pole framework and do not need guy lines, although guy lines can be used to stabilize the tent in heavy winds. The walls of a cabin tent go straight up and there is a lot of head room in this type of tent. Because the walls do go straight up rather than curving down at the sides as in a dome tent, there is plenty of room to stand up in this tent even at the sides of the tent.

Coleman cabin tents come in the Weathermaster line, the Weathermaster Elite line with hinged door and built-in remote-controlled lighting, and the Coleman Denali line. There are one room versions, two-room versions, and even three-room versions. This happens to be my preferred style of tent as I like a tent I can stand up in to change and move around easily in without having to hunch over.

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Coleman Backpacking Tent

coleman backpacking tent

There are also Coleman backpacking tents. These backpacking tents are lightweight, easy to carry tents 1 or 2 person tents, that usually provide for a quick setup. They lightweight enough to easily carry when you are hiking but they do not have a lot of room.

Coleman Kids Tents

tents for kids coleman
Coleman kids tents are tents that are easy to set up and come in bright fun colors for younger kids. They are perfect for backyard camping. Camping tents made just for kids are obviously a little smaller and cozier than larger family tents and the younger set loves to play or sleep in these.

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