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Choosing Charcoal Starters To Give
Your Charcoal Grill A Start

There are many charcoal starters on the market to choose from so it is important to know what features to look for when choosing one.

If you have a large-capacity charcoal grill to start you will want to take a look at the Weber Rapidfire Charcoal Chimney starter, which holds a large amount of charcoal, about 6 pounds or so. But if you are a smaller family or have a smaller charcoal grill, such as the Hibachi charcoal grills, you will probably be looking for a charcoal chimney that holds a smaller amount.

Since we like the Camp Chef products, we are also fans of the Camp Chef charcoal starter.

The capacity is smaller, holding about 40 briquettes compared to the 100 or so briquettes the Weber holds, but for many it fits their needs.

It is durable, made of steel, and has a wood handle that will not get hot.

Use it just like you would any chimney-type starter, crumple up two sheets of newspaper in the bottom, fill the basket half full with your charcoal, and light on the bottom...and in about 20 minutes, when your charcoal is starting to turn white around the edges, you are good to go.

Pick up the handle, dump the hot charcoal over and either spread around with a pair of tongs to use in your charcoal grill, or use your tongs to pick up the hot charcoal to use to cook with your Dutch Oven.

how to light charcoal

Why Doesn't Everybody Use One?

I still have trouble figuring out why so many people seem to know how to light charcoal with lighter fluid, but haven't ever heard of a charcoal chimney.

There are so many advantages to using one!

Once you try one, you will be amazed, and I bet you will kick the charcoal lighter fluid habit forever.

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Want a bigger model? Check out the large-capacity Weber charcoal chimney

Here are easy instructions on how to use chimney charcoal starters

Rather make your own? Here are simple instructions on how to make a charcoal chimney from a coffee can

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